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Discovery Of Supermassive Dinosaur, Dreadnoughtus

​In September of 2014, paleontologist Kenneth Lacovara alongside his team, discovered the 85 feet long Dreadnoughtus Schrani. The Dreadnoughtus was a herbivorous sauropod considered to be a titanosaurian. It’s tail alone was at least 30 feet in length. The neck of the Dreadnoughtus was at least 37 feet long, with it’s scapula measuring more than five and half feet tall, which makes it the tallest ever found of a titanosaur. Lacovara’s team was able to make an approximate weight of the dinosaur of around 65 tons by measuring one of the femurs of the Dreadnoughtus. The femurs were over six feet tall in height, and the individual vertabrae in it’s neck measured at least three feet wide. It is estimated that the Dreadnoughtus Schrani lived around 77 million years ago, and is significantly larger than any other titanosaur found to date, which means that the Dreadnoughtus was a massively huge dinosaur.

Discovery Of Supermassive Dinosaur, Dreadnoughtus in 2014.


Autism News: CHD8 Mutation Has Strong Likelihood Of Causing Autism

​In the fight to find the cause of Autism, a significant finding was discovered in July of 2014 on the possible cause of autism. Researchers were able to link mutations of the CHD8 gene, or chromodomain helicase DNA binding protein 8, to be a distinct subtype of the autism spectrum disorder. In a study conducted on 6,176 people with autism spectrum disorder, 15 of the people had the mutation of the CHD8 gene. All fifteen people had very similar, distinctive characteristics such as wide-set eyes and broad foreheads, along with troubles sleeping and severe constipation. The same study was conducted on 9,000 people who did not have autism spectrum disorder, and all of them had CHD8 genes that were properly functioning. Though the origin of the mutation is still unknown, we may have answers to the origin of many or all of the types of autism spectrum disorder sooner than we thought.
CHD8 Mutation Has Strong Likelihood Of Causing Autism