The Great Explainer 

There are not too many recorded video’s of this man,but it’s his way of thinking that is remarkable.

The open mind of Feynman reveals bit by bit the logical orders to the secrets of science.

Mr. Feynman believes in only one method of proof.

“Physics is like sex: sure, it may give some practical results, but that’s not why we do it.”

Feynman being a scientific icon 

There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom” was a lecture given by physicist Richard Feynman at an American Physical Society meeting at Caltech on December 29, 1959.[1] Feynman considered the possibility of direct manipulation of individual atoms as a more powerful form of synthetic chemistry than those used at the time. The talk went unnoticed and did not inspire the conceptual beginnings of the field. In the 1990s it was rediscovered and publicised as a seminal event in the field, probably to boost the history of nanotechnology with Feynman’s reputation.

Feynman also suggested that it should be possible, in principle, to make nanoscale machines that “arrange the atoms the way we want”, and do chemical synthesis by mechanical manipulation.

What’s it like to be pals with a genius? Physicist Leonard Susskind spins a few stories about his friendship with the legendary Richard Feynman, discussing his unconventional approach to problems both serious and … less so.

Richard Feynman: The Pleasure of Finding Things Out – Top Documentary Films

Free Thinking

Watch “Extent Of Huge Methane Leak Revealed”

From The Weather Channel Android App:

This huge methane leak occurred Los Angeles last October in 2015,and was finally sealed in February this year.

This leak was far bigger than the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico 2010.

Methane has a warming effect 25 times greater than carbon dioxide.

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Top 10 Recent Scientific Discoveries in Antarctica – Continent 7: Antarctica Article – National Geographic Channel
1. Dinosaurs once lived in Antarctica. In the mid-1980s and early 1990s, scientists discovered multiple sets of fossilized remains of the reptiles who once ruled the planet. The finds established that dinosaurs had lived on the southernmost continent as far back as 200 million years and as recently as 75-to-80 million years ago. As a New York Times account of the discovery explains, it was possible for the creatures to survive there because the planet’s temperature was 50 degrees warmer in those days, and because the Antarctic land mass was in a different spot then—in the middle of what is now the southwest Pacific Ocean.

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