Why Science Matters (work in progress)

1) How science helps the survival of life on Earth.

2) How scientific community sends a wave of signals that has meaning for everyone.

3) Hows plus  whys; all life and Cosmos is based on science.

4) Science communication to the public moving forward with a more powerful meaning.

5) Relevance to how we live our lives for the survival of all the species.

6) The roles science plays in politics::::::::::::haa
7) There is more but stopping at seven.
71/2 》 Dont you ever wonder ?


8) Why is Science the gift of life ?

9) Are the television programming giants promoting science and learning or not.

     Paid Tv is not really educational at all ;providers 

10) What is the universe trying to tell us ?

11) Find the best source of information links to data and people suited to your needs.

99) So Hitler was a Roman Catholic…hmmm
Were you lucky enough not to evolve without the selfish gene?